Digital Microscopy


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The Zoomify viewer provides an intuitive interface to be able to zoom in on the image selected from the Histology website

Example Histology image and associated instructions for zooming in when viewing an image



Steps  Screenshots 
Step 1.      

Hover over the image to display the toolbar

Toolbar displayed when hovering over an image
Step 2.      

Select the back button to remove the toolbar

icon of back arrows allowing removal of toolbar
Step 3.      

Select the plus or minus to zoom in and out function

icon  with plus and minus toolbar allowing zooming in and out
Step 4.      

Select the arrow to scroll in that direction

icons of arrows allowing scrolling in direction
Step 5.      

Select the home icon to recenter the image

Icon of a home to allow recentering of image
Step 6.      

Select the expanding arrows for full-screen mode

Icon of expanding arrows for entering fullscreen mode
Step 7.      

Select the questionmark for a popup of keyboard shortcuts

Icon of a questionmark to display keyboard shortcuts


Alt+Click+Drag to create a Zoom-Rectangle

Alt+Click to zoom fully in

Alt+DoubleClick to zoom fully out

Alt+Click+Reset button to return to the prior view (Alt is Option on Macintosh)

Keyboard shortcuts:

A or Shift to zoom in

Z or Ctrl to zoom out

Arrows change image in sldieshow/animation

Space Bar to toggle fullscreen view

Escape to reset initial view or exits fullscreen

Alt+L to hide/show hotspots or labels

Alt+Click+Minimize button is the same as Alt+L

Page Up/Down change image in a slidestack

< or > to rotate image if rotation buttons visible