Stem Cells


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  1. Understanding the differences between: adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells, IPS cells
  2. Where are they found and/or how are they derived?
  3. What is the difference between stem cell self renewal and differentiation?
  4. How are "totipotent", "multipotent" and "pluripotent" defined and how do these terms relate to stem cells?
  5. What is the difference between stem cells in the body and stem cells in a culture dish?
  6. How do symmetric and asymmetric divisions affect Stem Cells? Cancer? Ageing?
  7. What constitutes the "stem cell niche" and how does it regulate self-renewal or differentiation
  8. What are the molecular, metabolic and structural characteristics of a stem cell "niche"?
  9. What obstacles need to be addressed before the "therapeutic promise" of stem cells can be realized?